Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to join or use the platform?
No, there is absolutely no cost for students to join.Our platform is entirely free for students, and there are no hidden charges or fees involved. Students can create their profiles, explore various opportunities, and apply for internships, projects, part-time, or full-time positions without any financial burden.
Registering and applying for opportunities on our platform is a simple and straightforward process. To get started, students have two options: login or register.
The opportunities available on our platform vary in nature, and while the majority of them are paid, there might be some that are unpaid based on the company's preferences.
The criteria used by startups to select students may vary depending on the specific opportunity and the company's needs. However, we encourage startups on our platform to prioritize students' interests and aspirations in their selection process. Startups often look for students who showcase a strong passion for the industry or field the opportunity is related to.